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COVID-19 Update - School Age Programs Closing

3/13/20 ~ COVID-19 As always, SCDC will make every effort to support working families. However, in light of this unprecedented crisis tough decisions are necessary. We understand the impact these decisions have on working families and hope our federal and local government will be able to offer some solutions.   *Per the governor's directive, until further notice, all school age care is cancelled effective 6 PM today. As we use school district facilities we will be unable to offer care. *A decision about all early childhood programs' ability to remain open will be made as we gain more information. We will inform you as soon as possible of any potential closure. *Per our policies, March tuition will be due no later than Monday 3/16. Families who have not used their allotted vacation credit (2 weeks for school age children per school year & one week for Early Learning students) may request credit in person, on-site, or by sending an email to Any further potential tuition relief will be discussed by our Board of Directors and you will be notified if this is a possibility.  Thank you for your support and understanding!

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