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6 weeks - 2 years

We're different because we believe in less technology, and more human interaction.  We believe in the power of play, we take our infants outside whenever possible to get them exploring the natural world in our safe, secure outdoor play space.  Our infant classrooms do not have mechanical swings, light/sound toys, or screens of any kind.  From 6 weeks until 2 years, our infant classrooms focus on communication, gross motor skill development, safe sleeping routines and eating routines that support your child's constant development. 

All infant classrooms adhere to a 1:4 teacher to infant ratio.  All our teachers follow the, Safe Infant Sleep Childcare Policy to keep your sleeping child safe.​

Infant Care Locations


Fairgrounds Road  
1550 Fairgrounds Rd NE, Salem OR 97301

Liberty Gardens
304 Hrubetz Rd SE, Salem OR 97302


Dallas Snapdragons
1250 SE Holman, Dallas OR 97338

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