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2 & 3 year olds

After your child is walking confidently and has outgrown the infant environment, but before they're ready for pre-school, the toddler class provides dynamic activities and an engaging curriculum specifically designed for two and three year old's interests and needs.  We encourage self help and social-emotional skill development. We focus on communications, particularly between their fellow classmates, learning how to follow rules and take turns, and yes potty training.  Imaginative play, and learning basic letters, numbers, and colors are complimented by lots of  physical activity such as outdoor play, sensory activities and bike riding on site.

All toddler classrooms adhere to a 1:5 teacher to child ratio.  We maintain a consistent routine that includes regular rest time and bathroom visits for those that are ready.

Toddler Care Locations


Fairgrounds Road  
1550 Fairgrounds Rd NE, Salem OR 97301

Liberty Gardens
304 Hrubetz Rd SE, Salem OR 97302


Dallas Snapdragons
1250 SE Holman, Dallas OR 97338

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