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3 - 5 year olds

Preschool is incredibly important for future academic success. At SCDC we take this responsibility seriously, preparing your children for Kindergarten and beyond by creating dynamic days balanced between imaginative play, physical play, and academic and social learning.

All preschool classrooms adhere to a 1:10 teacher to child ratio.  

Academic and Social Learning

For children under five, play is a foundation for creativity, constructive problem solving, self regulation, and social learning. Play also helps preschoolers master the skills they will need for academic success and realize their potential to do well in school and life.  Preschoolers play outdoors every day, not only for fresh air but also because it fosters cooperation and learning, creativity, and sparks an interest in the natural world.


All our preschool children enjoy weekly field trips to local parks and other activities. Swimming and gymnastics lessons, bike riding on site, and an annual overnight camp, parent potlucks, family fun nights, the end of year carnival and spring programs are the highlights of our school year.  ***Some events are currently unavailable due to public health & economic restrictions.

Rest Time

Most days benefit from classroom rest time, this helps young bodies and minds recharge.

Preschool Locations


Fairgrounds Road  
1550 Fairgrounds Rd NE, Salem OR 97301

Liberty Gardens
304 Hrubetz Rd SE, Salem OR 97302


Dallas Snapdragons
1250 SE Holman, Dallas OR 97338

Keizer (Limited Days & Hours)

7920 Wheatland Rd NE, Keizer OR 97303

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