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K-5 Before &

After School Care

SCDC contracts with many area elementary schools to provide before and after school programs to continue learning and fun activities outside of the regular school day.  Our programs feature a series of activities that change throughout the year, featuring STEM curriculum. Activities rotate throughout the year so children stay engaged at their varying levels of development.

All school age programs adhere to a 1:15 teacher to child ratio. 


School sites are open from 6:45 am until school start time, and begin again after school until 6:00 pm.  We do provide care on most non-school days, details are available on our calendars.


Each new day brings a new adventure!  Each site director has the ability to be creative and dynamic to meet their site's particular needs, examples of common activities include: art projects, board games, card games, group activity games, outside playtime, science experiments and much more!

Reading and Homework Time

We provide children the opportunity to get a head start on homework, or spend time reading their favorite book.


Healthy snacks are provided before and after school.

Summer Program

SCDC offers an action-packed summer program combined into the convenient locations across Salem-Keizer. Summer activities include:

  • Field Trips

  • Swimming

  • Silver Falls Camping Trip

  • STEM Curriculum

  • Nature Exploration Opportunities

  • Engaged, Caring, & Well-Trained Staff

  • Regular presentations from community members such as fire fighters and plant and animal experts.

On-Site K-5 Program Locations

Aumsville School Site
572 N 11th St, Aumsville, OR 97392

Battle Creek School Site

1640 Waln Dr SE, Salem OR 97306

Chavez School Site

2400 Walker Rd NE, Salem OR 97305


Clear Lake School Site

7425 Meadow Glen, Keizer OR 97303

Forest Ridge School

7905 June Reid Pl NE, Keizer OR 97303

Gubser School Site
6610 14th Ave NE, Keizer, OR 97303

Hammond School Site

4900 Bayne St NE, Salem OR 97305

Kalapuya School Site

2085 Wilmington Ave NW, Salem OR 97304


Keizer School Site

5600 McClure St N, Keizer OR 97303


Lee School Site

5650 Venice St SE, Salem OR 97306


Liberty School Site

4871 Liberty Rd S, Salem OR 97306

Lyle School Site

185 SW Levens St, Dallas OR 97338

McKinley School Site

466 McGilchrist St SE, Salem OR 97302

Miller School Site

1650 46th Place SE, Salem OR 97317


Myers School Site

2160 Jewel St NW, Salem OR 97304


North Marion School Site

20257 Grimm Rd NE, Aurora OR 97002


Pringle School Site

5500 Reed Ln SE, Salem OR 97306


Schirle School Site

4875 Justice Way S, Salem OR 97306


Sumpter School Site

525 Rockwood SE, Salem OR 97306

Whitworth School Site

1151 SE Miller Ave, Dallas OR 97338 


Yoshikai School Site

4900 Jade St NE, Salem OR 97305


We also transport children from Oakdale Heights in Dallas.  Call the center for more information.

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